Here’s Our Story…The Rooted Content Story

Life is a journey, and for us it began on the campus of The Ohio State University.

For me, pursuing a degree in the sciences at The Ohio State University drove my college days.  However, my love for the arts and a spark for photography guided my success as the school yearbook photo editor. I had a burning desire to follow my dreams and use my creative abilities.  

My business partner Steve, a Massachusetts born buckeye fan, was drawn to The Ohio State University for their strong environmental science programs and football tickets.  After Steve and I met, he began to appreciate photography and quickly realized that it would give him a close-up view of his favorite team.  Soon after went from the sidelines and joined the yearbook team with me.


It didn’t take long to realize that the only photos selected for the yearbook were those that told a great story- merely capturing the moment wasn’t enough. 

After graduation I followed my heart and opened a portrait studio.  I began shooting weddings, family portraits and lifestyle commercial work.  Meanwhile, Steve began making movies with DSLR. He loved all the gadgets that came with this newfound passion and enjoyed the mix of technology and art.  

Combining our efforts, we began creating wedding films. These weren’t your typical boring wedding videos-these were love stories told in a way that focused on the couple’s unique love story, and the people and places that were most important to them.  The videos uncovered the emotions behind the romance.

The films were a hit, not only capturing the attention of brides and grooms, but also a local ad agency.

Rooted Content was born.

Rooted Logo.jpg

What’s in a name?  

We decided on the word “rooted” because we strive to deliver content that is rooted in purpose, people, plot, and emotion.  

We are more than a production studio, we are professional storytellers.

We thrive on developing your ideas, taking you on a journey into your own story, and giving your audience a dramatic experience.  

Our proven strategies will help you with the why, how, and what of your story. When working with us you will be led through the process of finding stories to match the values of your brand, and crafting the most powerful message for your audience.   Our commitment is to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time across multiple platforms. 

With our experience working in sensitive settings such as healthcare, education, and non-profit, we tailor the production experience and working environment to the story you need to tell.  

Our path to success spans multiple industries, and our clients benefit from our approach to structuring their content in video.  Powerful messages weaved into well-told stories motivate people in a corporate setting and increase giving in the non-profit sector.


We’ve seen it happen and it’s powerful.

Working together allows us to focus on our individual strengths but combining efforts results in an impactful product.

What began as an “unofficial major” in college has become our story rooted in purpose and partnership. 

We are ready to listen, observe, and ultimately create memorable stories that resonate with your audience and meet your goals.  We look forward to hearing your story and guiding you on the road to success.