Dr Patel's Story | Mercy Health

Dr Patel went to college with an interest in both music and medicine. After studying with a pianist from Juilliard for a few months she was drawn even more to medicine and returned to Boston to become a surgeon. However, her passion for music has shaped the way she practices medicine.

Client: Mercy Health
Agency: LaineGabriel
Director: Kyle Muza

Six Years | Canon USA

Large format is the type of hobby that pulls you in and takes you down the rabbit hole. Mat Marrash tries to explain why this hobby, unlike so many others, has stuck with him for six years.

Client: Canon USA
Producer: Kyle Muza
Director: Steve Muza

Dave's Story | CarolinasHealthcare

Dave goes to work everyday not knowing what is in store for himself and his crew. He could be flying miles into the countryside responding to a farm accident or driving a critically ill newborn to one of the country's leading Children's Hospitals. As a flight nurse his focus must not only be on the care of his patients but also his team members and crew. This was part of a series of Pride videos for Carolinas Healthcare to help share stories of team members and inspire others to remember the impact of their daily jobs on patients and the community.

Client: CarolinasHealthcare
Agency: FurtherFaster
Director: Kyle Muza

Matt's Story | MMORE Foundation

We were approached by MMORE, a foundation focused on the education and research of Multiple Myeloma, to create a short piece that would play during the organization's annual fundraising gala. They wanted to replace the traditional speeches by doctors and patient with a more compelling video that would not only share the patient's story but also discuss the current state of research and the hope that both researchers and patients had for finding a cure.

Client: MMORE
Producer: Kyle Muza
Director: Steve Muza