The Top Five Reasons People Stop Watching Your Video

Did you know that the average person looks at their phone at least 100 times a day? That’s at least 100 chances to scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or watch a quick YouTube video. As a business owner or marketer, your advertising content has to be better than ever: quick, easily accessible, and enjoyable for your audience. Furthermore, a recent study of marketing industry statistics showed that 51% of marketers feel like video advertising creates a bigger return on investment than any other form of marketing. If you choose to utilize this vastly versatile medium to sell your product, be wary, while the average person may have 100 chances in a day to see your content, they also have 100 chances to turn your video off. Be sure to answer these five questions when making a video marketing campaign so that you engage your audience and keep their thumb away from the screen.

  1. Does it sound good? Think of what you’ve seen on the news lately: vertical, hard to see cell phone videos, grainy cats playing with toys, etc. Your general audience will not close a screen just because the overall video quality is bad. They can stand to watch a poorly shot video if it’s something they’re interested in. What will get your audience to tune out and turn off is bad audio. If your music is too loud or the audio is distorted, you will instantly lose your audience. Make sure your sound is on point before giving your video advertising to the world.

  2. Have they heard this all before? Our brains have evolved to ignore overused words and phrases. This is how concepts like ‘fake news’ grow cold in the media so fast. If you hear the phrase from every media outlet, your brain stops wanting to process it. Keeping your content fresh can be the difference between life and death for your marketing campaign. We put a lot of emphasis on storytelling because the way you tell your business’ story matters. People want to hear something new.

  3. How are your visuals? This one seems straightforward, but people spend hours debating Easter egg theories about popular TV shows just by the way images are captured in a frame. Composition matters and should have purpose. Your viewer should feel continuity and intention in what you’re showing them on screen. Don’t have a subject too close to the edge, or looking too far out of frame. Your audience will feel that something is not right and stop watching.  

  4. Did you hook them before you tried to reel them in? Most people make a decision within 7-10 seconds of starting a video as to whether they are going to keep watching or not. That is a short amount of time to get your point across to your viewer and to keep them engaged. By placing a hook in the first few seconds of your video, you are ensuring that your viewer has a reason to stick around and watch your story until the end.

  5. Can your viewer feel it? Last, but certainly not least, your viewer should sense the passion you have for whatever it is you are showing them on screen. The point of telling a story is to engage on an emotional level with your audience. Don’t sell them short by showing them a story that you and your brand do not feel connected to. Take the time to make something truly special and your audience will keep coming back for more.

On your next project, keep these five questions in mind. Or, better yet, contact us! We would love to start a journey with you to tell the story of your brand alongside you. In the meantime, keep your thumb away from that pause button. You might like what you see.

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