30 Stories in 30 Days

Your business needs video, but you just don't know where to begin.  That's ok!  This is your opportunity to take advantage of our skills and experience in our 30-day storytelling challenge!


Professional video production for a flat fee of $1,500*  

For one month only we are challenging ourselves to tell 30 stories in 30 days, and this is great news for you!  We are offering our one-day production services for only $1,500* for a limited time!




We specialize in helping our clients find their story, and we want to help you!  We are driven by good stories, and we want to hear your ideas and bring them to life!  This limited offer includes one day of production by our lead creative team and an edited and fully-licensed film!  A simple and quick process - we'll lead the way!    

Our clients come to us to find help in telling their stories so their businesses can grow, their non-profits can raise money, and they can connect with their businesses on a deeper level.  

You can't pass this up - a polished, compelling film highlighting your business or organization for only $1,500.  Contact us today to claim your spot in our 30-day storytelling challenge!                

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*$3,900 value.  Limited availability.  Does not include applicable state sales tax.